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Alexandria Business Association (ABA)

Alexandria Business Association is an independent not for profit organization that represents the business community in Alexandria since 1983. We see ourselves as the reliable partner for Egyptian and international companies working inside and outside Egypt. We are committed to our mission of serving our 300 plus members, enhancing the business climate in Egypt, developing Alexandria socially and economically. ABA is also constantly exploring new markets, seeking networking opportunities between its members’ companies and potential business partners in the global markets.

ABA is an active player in socioeconomic development. We pioneered and grew one of the most successful micro-finance projects. ABA is considered one of the leading NGOs in the field of promoting small and micro enterprises. It started a comprehensive credit program for this national purpose in January 1990 “The Small and Micro Enterprises Development Project-SME”.

This project is considered one of the world’s best practices in Micro Finance. This is due to the diversification of different credit programs and the innovative use of tools to achieve its objectives. SME project has its independent management with an autonomous nature overseen through ABA Board and its own executive committee.

The project is now covering 18 Governorates through 106 branch offices and employing more than 3,000 staff members (40% Women). The current portfolio exceeds 4 Billion EGP with 0.63 % Risk Indicator. It offers a wide range of financial and non-financial services to our beneficiaries, and also consulting services to other MFIs, as well as being an IT house specialized for Microfinance tracking system with its patented “Loan Tracker Software”.

To further our endeavor in advancing human capital in Alexandria, we established in 2016 the Vocational Technical and Employment Center (VTEC) Which provide top-quality vocational training and workforce support, and facilitate partnerships that grow communities and businesses, and act as a model for excellence in workforce development.

For top management and executives level skills development our Middle East Development Center (MEDC) established in 2007, as a stand-alone executive and management training center building strategic alliances with various advanced education and training partners to deliver top quality training.

As for the Green Activities ABA is involved in Two Green initiatives; Alliance of Green Transformation Partners (GTP): Created in July 2021 within the framework of a protocol signed between the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and Alexandria Business. Its aim is to Inspire the Egyptian private sector to embrace the green transformation. Green Impact Mediterranean (GIMED): A 3 years EU funded green innovation project signed in October 2019 implemented in

Egypt by ABA and by other partners in 4 other countries: Italy, Lebanon, Tunisia, Palestine.

Our Vision

Developing a pro-active approach, in representing and supporting its members’ interests in the business environment in Alexandria, Egypt, and abroad.

Boosting the Alexandria region industrially, economically, socially & culturally, enhancing Alexandria’s role as an important business hub in the region by improving workforce education and training, encouraging international business investment, and opening new markets thus helping achieve economic prosperity and worldwide recognition.

Our mission

Our value

• Committed to serving the economy and civil society, which is reflected in the development of the entire economy and society.

• Support society and ensure sustainable development in accordance with the government’s 2030 strategic plan.

• Progress in the economic development of the Association, one of the most successful microfinance projects in the Middle East, “SMEs”

• Efforts to promote Alexandria’s human capital by promoting and improving vocational training, social skills, and corporate governance through our VTEC vocational training and employment Central Department and MEDC Middle East Development Center