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Alexandria Business Association (ABA)

Alexandria Business Association is an independent NGO that represents the business community in Alexandria since 1989.

It was established by the efforts of a group of dedicated Businessmen as an NGO with the aim of:

1- Improving the Business climate through research, advocacy, socioeconomic development.


  • The Small and Micro      Enterprise Project SME
  • The 13 Economic  Committees which is operated by the Member Service Departement
  • The Research and Advocacy.

2- Advancing the Human Capital


  • The Vocational Technical and Employment Center (VTEC) Established in 2016 for the Blue Collars
  • The Middle East Development Center (MEDC) Established in 2007 for the White Collars.

3- Community Development and Interventions

ABA is very much aware of the importance of the private sector’s participation in Community Work

Our Belief in ABA  ..

  “The better the job we do at being responsible today, the better our business will be in future” 

Our business community is not just leading the SR in Alex but all over Egypt


  • ABA Corporate Social Responsibility Departement
  • Service Committees

4- Being a Reliable partner for all international Entities inside and outside Egypt.

The Foreign Affairs Department is Envisioned as the platform between ABA Members/Alex Business Community in Alexandria and the foreign entities inside and outside Egypt.

5-Adoption of Green Transformation Initiatives By ABA

Within the framework of global direction for adopting Grean initiatives ABA is leading Two Green Projects:

  • Alliance of Green Transformation Partners (GTP): Created in July 2021 within the framework of a protocol signed between the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and Alexandria Business. It aims at inspiring the Egyptian private sector to embrace the green transformation.
  • Green Impact Mediterranean (GIMED):  Three years EU funded green innovation project signed in October 2019 implemented in Egypt by ABA and by other partners in 4 other countries: Italy, Lebanon, Tunisia, Palestine.

Our Vision

Developing a pro-active approach, in representing and supporting its members’ interests in the business environment in Alexandria, Egypt, and abroad.

Boosting the Alexandria region industrially, economically, socially & culturally, enhancing Alexandria’s role as an important business hub in the region by improving workforce education and training, encouraging international business investment, and opening new markets thus helping achieve economic prosperity and worldwide recognition.

Our mission

Our value

• Committed to serving the economy and civil society, which is reflected in the development of the entire economy and society.

• Support society and ensure sustainable development in accordance with the government’s 2030 strategic plan.

• Progress in the economic development of the Association, one of the most successful microfinance projects in the Middle East, “SMEs”

• Efforts to promote Alexandria’s human capital by promoting and improving vocational training, social skills, and corporate governance through our VTEC vocational training and employment Central Department and MEDC Middle East Development Center