Member Services Department

Member Services Department

The member services department works to achieve the mission and goal of the association to support the business community through specialized committees in several.


  1. The committees play a pivotal role in discussing the problems facing the members by holding seminars, workshops, and meetings to work on solving them through drafting concept documents to be submitted to the party responsible for the problem
  2. Studying and Analyzing the drafted laws and establishing memos with the opinion of various committees
  3. Providing specialized programs and capacity-building training for ABA members and employees of their companies

Services provided by the members services department to member of Alexandria Business Association and their families

• Provide information on local and foreign markets.

• Providing information on export opportunities, Foreign partnership opportunities, International tenders and marketing studies for members of the association through the commercial office.

• Provide information on standard specifications for members and provide a discount on all services provided by the Egyptian general authority for standards and quality.

• Providing data on foreign trade ( by subscribing to the foreign trade data warehouse service at the general organization
for export and import control )

• Financial advisory services through the financial services unit.

• Promotions and discounts for hotels and resorts.

• Programs of the Egyptian center for directors of the financial supervision authority for all members and employees in their companies.

• Providing Legal, Labor, Engineering and Accounting Services.

• Promotions and discounts from member companies and shops.

• Health club services at discounted prices.