عـن المشــــــــــــــــروع

Within the framework of the government projects for the urban development of slum areas through the creation of new urban imitation breitling transocean communities by improving and developing these communities in terms of infrastructure and human resources. Therefore, the Northern Military Region invited civil society to contribute to the development of these societies through a set of projects. Alexandria Business Association (ABA) has therefore been invited to contribute to the development of human resources through the establishment of Vocational Training and Employment Center (VTEC) in order to rehabilitate human calibers and create employment opportunities in various business fake richard mille rm 007 sectors as a contribution to improving the quality of life of members of this community, developing them and integrating them in a decent manner in society and different business sectors.

ويكمن نجاح مركز التدريب والتشغيل المهني في الثلاث سنوات الماضية في وضوح رؤيته ورسالته وشعاره كالتالي:


المصدر الأفضل لخدمات توظيف وتأهيل العمالة الفنية والمهنية.


Improve the perspective of the vocational labor and to establish bridges between i thought about this employers and job seekers, by providing the highest quality of technical & vocational employment services

الشعــــــار :

مصدر الثقة للتوظيف والتدريب المهني.

تم دعوته للمساهمة في تنمية الموارد البشرية من خلال إنشاء مركز التدريب والتوظيف المهني (VTEC) من أجل:

من هذا المنطلق

مركز التدريب والتشغيل المهني