The Governor of Alexandria in an important meeting with the Alexandria Business Association

The Governor of Alexandria in an important meeting with the Alexandria Business Association
Alexandria Business Association – ABA, headed by Mr. Mohamed Hanno, Chairman of ABA Board Members, met with Governor of Alexandria Mohamed Al-Sherif to identify investment opportunities in Alexandria. The meeting was organized by ABA Housing Committee, headed by Mr. Hani Abu Al-Saad.
During the meeting, Al-Sherif focused on how to stimulate the private sector as a pillar for economic growth and development as a very wide range of incentives were offered, as tax incentives, providing all necessary licenses and approvals required for the establishment of businesses.
El-Sherif explained that the private sector has a prominent role in the development of Egyptian economy by founding new projects creating new job opportunities, being an active partner in social growth – improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families, local communities, and society at large. The Governor of Alexandria discussed some of the obstacles and challenges facing investment, and promised to solve them, and expressed his readiness to hold a monthly meeting with ABA for the follow-up.
From ABA side, the meeting was attended by Dr. Abdel Moneim Hafez, and Dr. Mohamed Mehrem Vice presidents of ABA Council, Dr. Mohamed Ghatwary, Board Counselor, Mr. Ahmed Mansi, Assistant Secretary General, Mr. Mohamed Arafa, Mr. Muhammad Al-Qersh, and Mr. Mustafa Karam, Board Members. As well as Mr. Walid Shawky, Ms. Dalia Yassin, Deputy Heads of Housing Committee, Mr. Magdi Al-Sissa, Head of Industry Committee, Dr. Khaled Hafez, Head of Investment and Finance Committee, Dr. Walid Al-Barqi, Head of Environment Committee, and Mr. Ashraf Nosseir, Head of Energy Committee.
For further details, check out ABA Newsletter – March 2023.

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